Developmental & Readiness Education

Basic Skills Initiative Overview

BSI Contacts


Team Leaders

After widely distributing requests for participation and volunteers to serve as team leaders and team members, we were fortunate that so many individuals were willing to contribute their time and efforts to ensuring the success of the BSI at De Anza. We are pleased to announce that the following faculty, staff and administrators have been selected to serve as team leaders for the four sections of the BSI assessment process:


A. Administrative and Organizational Practices

Rowena Tomaneng Associate Vice President of Instruction

Diana Alves De Lima Tutorial/Student Success Center

B. Program Components
Kevin Glapion Disabled Student Services
Kristin Skager Reading & Student Sucsess Center
C. Staff Development

Jackie Reza Staff Developmen


D. Instructional Practices
Craig Norman ESL
Paula Silva English, First Year Experience



Last Updated: 6/7/11