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Web Accessibility Improvement Procedures

The following procedures have been put in place by the Office of Communications to support accessibility throughout our site:

  • For decentralized CMS users
    • Ensuring, through the CMS settings, that no webpage can be published with accessibility errors (beginning with publication of the redesigned website in early 2018). In addition, ensuring that accessibility is part of trainings on the CMS.
  • In fulfilling standard Web Team work
    • Prior to webpage publication, performing a check, using Tenon or a similar tool, and making any remaining changes.
  • Monthly
    • Performing a monthly, automated accessibility scan on the website, recording results into a spreadsheet, evaluating the concerns, and providing and recording corrective action. Month-to-month results analyses are also performed.
    • Accessibility-related emails, phone calls or other contacts are recorded on a spreadsheet for action by the Web Team.
  • Other
    • In working with vendors, ensuring that products meet accessibility standards.

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  • The Web Team will perform an accessibility check on any page it updates, using either the built-in OU tool, or a similar tool, and making any changes necessary.
  • An automated, monthly scan of the De Anza website will be performed to look for issues with accessibility. The issues will be documented and a plan to resolve issues will be determined.
  • Any accessibility-related emails, phone calls, or other communications will be put into a spread sheet for action by the Web Team.
  • When researching or implementing products from third-party vendors, the Web Team will ensure that all solutions meet accessibility standards.
  • Beginning with the launch of the re-designed De Anza website in 2018, all pages published will be tested for accessibility compliance and will be prohibited from publishing is standards are not met.

Office of Communications
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Contact: Leah Mieso
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Last Updated: 10/20/17