Office of Communications

Website Redesign Timeline

Below is the current estimated timeline for the website redesign. Dates are subject to change and are coordinate with the Accreditation process.

  • Jan.-Feb. 2016


    During this stage, information is gathered about the current site and input is obtained from users to help align the redesign with the goals of the college. Activities include:

    • Review college site, social media and brand
    • Interview stakeholders
    • Conduct competitive research

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  • Feb.-May 2016

    Information Architecture (IA)

    This stage interprets the information compiled during discovery into a functional and organizational plan for the new site. Activities include:

    • Establish functional requirements
    • Create an organizational structure of the site
    • Organize site content and college information
    • Develop wireframes

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  • May-Sept. 2016


    During the design phase, the information from the Discovery and IA phases are used to create a visual identity for the new site. Activities include:

    • Create concepts
    • Obtain feedback
    • Create visual mock-ups
    • Select and fine-tune look and feel

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  • Front-end Development

    Visual styles, mock-ups and sitemaps are used to create HTML used on the new site. Activities include:

    • Convert visual mock-ups to HTML and CSS
    • Add interactivity with JavaScript
    • Test functionality and responsiveness
    • Test accessibility
    • Debug and finalize code

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  • Back-end Development

    After HTML, CSS and JavaScript are finalized, that code is integrated into the content management system (CMS). Activities include:

    • Create templates for each type of page
    • Create CMS-specific features
    • Develop test site
    • Test and debug implementation into CMS
  • In process

    Content Migration

    The site is populated with information from the current site. Changes to structure and content are often made during this stage.

  • Final Analysis and Launch

    After thoroughly reviewing the information on the new site, it will be time to go live.


Last Updated: 4/23/18