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Information Architecture


The Office of Communications and VisionPoint held Information Architecture Workshops April 13 and 14. Individuals in these workshops focused on establishing the structure of the top two levels of webpages while considering the third levels and below. Group sessions were composed of members from the following areas and comprise the Web Advisory Group:

  • Programs & Courses/Academics
  • Cashier's Office/Financial Aid
  • College Life/VIDA/Equity
  • Student Services
  • Outreach/A&R/Assessment



From the input gathered during the information architecture workshops, a sitemap was developed showing the hierarchical organization of the first three levels of web pages in the new site.



 The information gathered from the sitemap and through review the current site was used to generate wireframe mockups of potential pages/page types that would be used in the new site.

Download the Information Architecture Presentation
Presented to the Web Advisory Group, July 6, 2016

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