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 Phase I Expenditures

 Measure C Phase I FF&E Expenditures:


Phase II Expenditures 


Fund Codes Phase II

456703 - Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment

457717 - Computers 

457720 - Printers

(Technology requests must go through Technology Prioritization Committee prior to purchase requests being generated)

Org Codes

Use your own department org code.

FF&E Account Codes

(Minor Capital)

Base Unit Cost above $100 or under $5000 (before tax)

6410 - Software

6420 - New Equipment

6421 - Replacement Instructional Equipment 

6423 - New Instructional Equipment 

6430 - Replacement Equipment 

(Major Capital)

Base Unit Cost greater than $5000 (before tax)

6610 - Software 

6620 - New Equipment 

6621 - Replacement Instructional Equipment 

6623 - New Instructional Equipment 

6630 - Replacement Equipment 

Program Code

The Measure C Program code is: 710000

May 2014 Updates

Measure C Update at iDeans Meeting on May 1, 2014:

Jeanpierre updated the deans regarding Measure C & FF&E status. Janet Couch Vong would be back as TEA and encouraged everybody to work with her as needed.

Jeanpierre then distributed a printout of an email that she sent to the deans on 4/30/14 with Measure C requests submission/revision attachments (see handouts).

Priority I (Open Items List) – put everything that didn’t get ordered on previous submissions.

Priority II – review your list, update if needed and add new items if you wish. (Stay within your overall budget) Computer refreshment should be placed in Priority II list as well.

Send your Priority 1 and 2 spreadsheets to Letha (starting after UPRU’s due date 5/2/14) in the next two weeks (due date to Letha is 5/19/14)

For accreditation purpose all requests must be attached to Annual Program Review Updates.


Academic Svcs  AS_MeasureC_FFE_Prioritized_Request_Oct2014
BHES  BHES_MeasureC_FFE_Prioritized_Request_Nov2014
BUS/CIS  BUS_MeasureC_FFE_Priority_Request_May2014




IIS  IIS_MeasureC_FFE_Priority_Request_May2014
LARTS  LARTS_MeasureC_FFE_Prioritized_Request_Oct2014
Learning Resources LR_MeasureC_FFE_Request_May2014
PE PE_MeasureC_FFE_Priority_Request_May2014
PSME  PSME_MeasureC_FFE_Prioritized_Request_Nov2014
SSH  SSH_MeasureC_FFE_Priority_Request_May2014



July 30, 2012

College Council approved the lists as presented at the June 28, 2012 meeting:


Finance & Educational Resources FERPBT_FFE_Prioritized_FINAL_Apr_12

Instruction  IPBT_Measure_C_FFE_Priotitized_06_28_12

Student Services  SSPBT_MeasureC_FFERankingOverall_Priority_FINAL

Status Update:

I know we've been working on the FF&E project for some time and many of you are wondering when your divisions can start spending the money, so I checked in with Letha and she reminded me that ongoing Measure C projects take precedence . These projects are listed on the Measure C web site at:

The main projects involving FF&E are: MLC; swing space move for the ATC building; Stadium & Track; and G building.  

Unfortunately, we do not have enough staff at De Anza (we only have Janet) or in purchasing to work on the FF&E project right now, but I will keep you updated and hopefully we can start ordering soon.

In the meanwhile, it might be useful to confirm with your areas which items you will order in 2012-13, and which in 2013-14. Then prioritize these items so you are ready to order once we get the go-ahead.

Questions? Let me know.


Pippa for Letha Jeanpierre

June 21, 2012

The next step in the process is to take each PBTs list to a joint campus Budget & Technology Task Force Meeting (tentatively scheduled for  May)  for review and to make a recommendation to College Council.

College Council will make the final review and approve the lists.

The President has the final decision on approval and prioritization.

Pippa for Letha Jeanpierre

March 16, 2012

To:            PBT Chairs
Cc:           Campus Budget/Technology Task Force/College Council Chairs & FF&E Coordinator
Fm:          Coleen Lee-Wheat & Letha Jeanpierre

Subject: Measure C FF&E Request Prioritization Spreadsheets Available

As you may recall, the Citizens Bond Oversight Committee tightly monitors Measure C funding and these funds have very specific criteria attached to them.

The FF&E Coordinator has completed reviewing the requests and has divided the requests into funding sources. These requests are now ready for review & prioritization.

Next Steps:

1)    PBTs review and prioritize the requests for their own PBT area.

2)    Joint meetings of Campus Budget, Technology Task Force & PBT reps will perform institutional review and prioritization.

3)    This joint group will give recommendations to College Council.

4)    The President will make the final decision on the projects.

PBT Task:

As a PBT member please review & prioritize the requests for your own PBT area.

You will need to download the following information for this task.

As a PBT member please consider the following when evaluating the requests:

  • Note that there are specific instructions on each sheet
  • Please remember that each PBT member should focus on their PBT's requests only. All of the requests are labeled clearly by PBT
  • Review the associated program documentation to see if these needs have been elicited previously (since this is a new process, some of this information may not be clearly delineated, but in the future people will be expected to show a history of need and assessment that show that there is a need)
  • Review the descriptions and justifications on the request narrative sheets
  • Determine (as far as your are able) if each request is reasonable and supports the college's needs in serving students
  • Determine (as far as your are able) if each request supports a learning environment that is safe, sustainable and useful for students
  • Determine (as far as your are able) if each request has the required infrastructure (data lines/power receptacles, etc) already in place to support the requested item Infrastructure costs are NOT covered by Measure C. Ask if each request will incur installation costs beyond what is described.
  • Questions and comments are encouraged and should be noted in the appropriate questions & comments column on each spreadsheet.
  • Since this is a new process, the more answers that your group can bring back to the table will obviously speed along the process.

Voting/Evaluation Process

Each PBT can determine it’s own voting process. We would suggest using a scale of 1 to X (1 being the #1 ranked item for that particular funding source). The actual scale can be determined by each PBT, but please remember that each PBTs prioritized lists will be brought together at an institutional level. All requests will then be reviewed and prioritized from a college-wide perspective. So although it may be tempting to prioritize all items as #1, we would urge you not to do so as it will invalidate the prioritization process.

Lastly, although we know that purchasing will allow the process to bridge standard fiscal timelines it is important to review these requests as soon as possible. Some requesters will need items in time for fall quarter 2012, so we hope to conclude this whole process by April 15th so we can put in orders for the 2011-12 fiscal year.

Thank you again for volunteering to participate in this new process. Your time and careful considerations are paramount to the success of this project.

March 1, 2012

Status Update & Explanation of Postings:

  • Each individual request is at least 4 pages. Each division's requests have been scanned into one or more PDF documents (depending on the amount of requests).
  • For the Instructional area's requests, the handwritten number in the circle on the top left of the first sheet of each request corresponds to the ranking on the division prioritized list.
  • Some requests include multiple items that have been ranked separately which is why there is more than one handwritten number on some forms.
  • These requests are exactly as submitted. No review has taken place.
  • Some of these items may be moved to other Measure C funding sources.
  • Some of these items may not meet the FF&E requirements.

Next Steps:

1) FF&E Coordinator (Janet Couch-Vong) is currently reviewing the requests for eligibility of Measure C funding.

2) Remaining requests are being prioritized by the PBTs.  Please click here to download the PBTs FF&E Evaluation Matrix.

3) Institutional review and prioritization will be performed by joint meetings of Campus Budget and Technology Task Force.

4) CBT & TTF will give recommendations to College Council.

Instructional Division Requests

 Division  Requests Division Prioritized List Request Total $

ICCE Request

Staff Development Request

ICCE Budget 

Staff Development Budget





BHES Requests   (94 pages)

BHES/WE MCNC Donation - Updated May 2012

BHES Division Prioritized List 

BHES/WE Division Prioritized List MCNC -  Updated May 2012



BUS/CIS BUS/CIS Requests BUS/CIS Division Prioritized List  $1,763,350

CARTS  Requests FY11-12 

CARTS  Requests FY12-13

CARTS  Requests FY13-14

CARTS Division Prioritized List  $647,474
IIS IIS  Requests IIS Division Prioritized List  $12,203
LA None None $0

LR Requests FY11-12

LR Requests FY12-13

LR Requests FY13-14

LR Division Prioritized List  $61,977
PE PE Requests PE Division Prioritized List  $587,571

PSME Requests (30 pages)

PSME Division Process

PSME Division Prioritized List  $626,981

SSH ANTH Requests

SSH White Boards

SSH ANTH Prioritized List 
SSH White Boards Prioritized List


 Division  Requests Division Prioritized List Request Total $

DSPS Summary

Measure C_11_12_Justification_DSPS_Rev12.5

DSPS Division Prioritized List

DSPS  Measure C-11-12_Justification_APE    $37,100
DSPS Measure C_11_12_Justification_DSS    
DSPS Measure C-11-12_Justification_CAL    
DSPS Measure C_11_12_Justification_EDC   $34,859
DSPS Measure C_11_12_Justification_HOPE_Alfred_Whittier   $17,830
A/R Assessment/AR Request  Assessment/AR Prioritized List $28,500
COUN COUN Request  COUN Prioritized List $30,399
ISP ISP Request  ISP Prioritized List


 Department  Requests Division Prioritized List Request Total $

CDC Dept Request

CDC Safety Request

CDC Budget $194,605
Emergency Preparedness Emergency Prep Request    $60,000
Mailroom Mailroom Request    $3,500
Marketing Marketing Request   $4,093
OTI OTI Request  OTI Budget


TRG/MLC TRG/MLC Request  TRG/MLC Budget $1,297,905

September 2011

A Very Important Message About Measure C Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Requests - Phase II

To all Deans and Managers,

After reviewing an analysis of Phase I Measure C FF&E funding as provided by our Measure C accountant, Tonette Torres, it has been determined that we have exhausted our Phase I dollars. Purchases being made since the beginning of this fiscal year (July 1, 2011) have been coming from Phase II dollars.

The reason for the shortfall is the amounts initially allocated to the divisions were greater than the amounts received from the proceeds of the Measure C bond issue.

Most divisions received a budget based on the equipment they requested. These allocations amounting to $9,875,270 were given out, but only $7,378, 537 was received from the bond sale to cover these allocations. This gap was never adjusted.

In addition to this shortfall, district-wide overhead allocations and college-wide expenditure such as classroom furniture and faculty office furniture (which were not initially provided for in the budget, but became a priority for the College and the District) increased the shortfall.

This leaves us with a $3.5 million gap between what we allocated six years ago and what we had available to spend from the bond proceeds.

After a careful review and discussion at Senior Staff on Monday September 19, 2011, we decided that the remaining Phase II dollars for new equipment should be allocated based on the process outlined and approved by College Council on June 10, 2010 for requests of Phase II FF&E dollars.

As Phase I lists are at least six years old, each division will now be required to make new requests and affirm/reaffirm their needs based on the College mission and their division's program reviews.


How Make New Measure C Phase II FF&E Requests:

Please refer to the guidelines on what you can purchase with Phase II FF&E Funds

Once you have read the guidelines, please use the following electronic forms to submit you division's requests.

1)  Narrative of request. Word document. Please complete one of these request forms for each request being made. Complete every section. Save your changes and email to Print a hard copy and put them in Letha Jeanpierre's mail box.

2) Dollar breakdown of request. Excel spreadsheet. Must accompany the narrative request form/s. List all of your division's requests on one spreadsheet. Save your changes and email to Print a hard copy and put it in Letha Jeanpierre's mail box.

3) Also, print a hardcopy of ALL documents and put them in your VP's mailbox.

Every narrative request form and accompanying excel spreadsheet will be posted to this web site for interested parties view.

The deadline for submissions is December 1, 2011.

The requests will be prioritized and allocations will be made in February 2012.

We are sorry for this inconvenience. If you have further questions please contact myself or Rowena.

Letha L. Jeanpierre, MBA, CPA
Vice President, Finance & Educational Resources 

Updated June 2010 

Measure C Prioritization Process 

Measure C Replacement and FF&E Requests (2006-2010 funding)

  1. Divisions and departments will prepare a report for the Citizens Bond Oversight Committee explaining how Measure C Funds (2006-2010) have been spent and how they have benefited the programs and the students.
  2. Divisions and departments will prepare a report for the Citizens Bond Oversight Committee about how unspent balances from 2006-2010 allocations will be used.
  3. Divisions and departments may request additional funding using the procedures outlined for the 2010-2015 funding.

 Measure C Replacement and FF&E Requests (2010-2015 funding)

  1. Divisions and departments shall make requests for replacement equipment (existing labs, faculty and staff computers) on a five-year rotating basis. Deans and managers will submit requests directly to their vice president (or designee) to be forwarded to the Campus Technology Prioritization Committee.
  2. Divisions and departments will make their prioritized requests for Phase II FF&E funding in accordance with the institutional mission, and their program planning and review documents. Deans and managers will submit requests to their VP. VP will take to PBT.
  3. PBTs will prioritize new technology requests and forward to Campus Budget and Technology Task Force for review.
  4. Technology Task Force will make a prioritized institutional level recommendation to College Council.
  5. College Council will make recommendation to the President.
  6. Senior Staff will review and give input to President.
  7. The Vice President of Finance and Educational Resources will carry the College recommendations to the Bond Oversight Committee for approval, when required.
  8. The projects that require ETS support will be forwarded to ETS via the Process for Requesting/Prioritizing New Technology Projects


Notify Deans, Academic Senate and Classified Senate of process to provide ergonomic update of staff and faculty furniture.

Process For Ergonomic Update of Staff and Faculty Furniture:

  1. Educational Resources in conjunction with the Ergonomics Committee will develop a list of criteria to prioritize the order in which furniture will be purchased and distributed. One of the criteria for the first round of purchases will be to provide new furniture for any staff or faculty who have the old “prison industry” desk and furniture.
  2. Educational Resources will review and update office standards developed for faculty offices in 2002 to make sure they still address office needs of faculty.
  3. Staff and faculty must attend an Ergonomic Workshop.
  4. Staff and faculty will be provided with an ergonomic self-evaluation at an Ergonomics Workshop. The self-evaluation is to be completed and submitted to Educational Resources along with a furniture/equipment request form.
  5. Educational Resources will review the self-evaluations and request forms and separate staff/faculty that need completely new office or workspace furniture from staff/faculty who need changes or additional furniture to make their workspace ergonomically correct. Staff from Educational Resources and a space planner will work with staff/faculty who need completely new furniture to confirm their furniture requirements and make recommendations.
  6. The Ergonomics Committee will review the self-evaluations of staff/faculty who have requested enhancements or changes to their workspaces to make them ergonomically correct and make recommendations. The Ergonomics Committee will only conduct a workspace assessment for staff/faculty who have attended the Basic Ergonomics workshop, performed the self-evaluation, and still need additional assistance in making their workspace ergonomically correct.
  7. Educational Resources will compile all of the recommendations and work with Purchasing to identify vendors either through existing contracts or a RFP to provide furniture and other ergonomic enhancements.

Measure C_Prioritization_Processes_ClgeCnclApproved6_10_10.doc

Measure C Phase I FF&E Expenditures:

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