College Operations

College Operations

Measure C FF&E Phase III Requests

(Phases I & II are now closed. For information on FF&E Phase I & II expenditures please click here)

Only approved items can be purchased. Items ineligible for Measure C funding according to the rules of the Bond issuance cannot be purchased regardless of the prioritization process. 

Note: Funds will be monitored as expenses are incurred. Deans will be notified when the dollars are exhausted as requests can no longer be processed once all funds are expensed.

Measure C requisitions cannot be combined with any Non Measure C items.

Expenses cannot be transferred to Measure C if items are purchased from other funding sources. (Pro-Card, "B" Budget, and Grants)

Extended warranties and maintenance contracts (aka service & support contracts) cannot be purchased using Measure C funds as these Types of charges are "operating costs".

Also, it is very important to note that bundling the extended warranty and/or maintenance contract with the equipment to skirt the policy is not legitimate use of Measure C dollars. Users can purchase warranty and maintenance extensions; however, they must pay for it from another funding source on a separate requisition. 

1) Department dean/director identifies need for furniture or equipment.  Need should be reflected in department’s program review (IPBT = section 5; SSPBT = part 6; FPBT = part 5). 

2) Department completes Furniture Equipment Request Form and submits original form to the Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) Coordinator, Tina Lockwood.

3) The FF&E Coordinator meets with dean/director and point of contact to determine scope of project based on available space the following guidelines:

  • Current furniture or equipment is broken and/or inoperable
  • Current furniture or equipment is not functional for teaching or program needs
  • New furniture or equipment would improve department functions and student experience
  • Current furniture is not ADA compliant

4) FF&E Coordinator submits Furniture Equipment Request Form and Project Scope to College Operations for review.

5)      i) Projects using Measure C FF&E funds: Requester will bring the project to the applicable PBT for review and approval.

         ii) Projects not using Measure C FF&E funds: College Operations submits to area Vice President for review & approval.

6) College Operations schedules project around the academic calendar and expected workload.

7) At beginning of project, College Operations meets with dean/director or designated point of contact to begin formal planning.

8) Based on college standards, furniture plans will be created and presented to the dean/director for review and approval.

9) Once dean/director approves final furniture plan, College Operations processes purchase requisition to order the furniture and manages furniture delivery and installation.

Furniture & Equipment Timeline


Add required header to all FF&E Requisitions (example)

Measure C Phase III Project : 456704 - Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment
Room #: L11
Please contact xxx (put your name and phone #) with product questions

Add a description of the purchase, where it is going, who will be using it & what it will be used for. This description should be written in lay-persons' terms so that anyone not connected with your division (think auditors & Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee) can understand it.

Requisitions that do not have this description will be disapproved.

Fund Codes

456704 - Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment

457717 - Computers 

457719 - Printers

*Technology requests must go through Technology Prioritization Committee prior to purchase requests being generated

Org Codes

Use your own department org code.

FF&E Account Codes

(Minor Capital)

Base Unit Cost above $100 or under $5000 (before tax)

6411 - Computer Software

6420 - Equipment

6423 - Instructional Equipment

6462 - Computer & Printer Equipment

6470 - Multi-media & AV Equipment

6467 - Servers


(Major Capital)

Base Unit Cost greater than $5000 (before tax)

6611 - Computer Software

6620 - Equipment

6662 - Computer & Printer Equipment

6670 - Multi-media & AV Equipment

The Measure C Program code is: 710000

College Operations
Building: Admin Building
Contact: Sally Gore
Phone: 408.864.8758

Last Updated: 1/31/18