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Our country is sharply divided over issues of civil rights, the environment, economic policy and the direction we're heading. The president derides what he calls "fake news," but he frequently makes statements that are demonstrably untrue. In times like these, it's more important than ever to understand how democracy operates and how our government makes decisions that affect our lives.

These webpages will provide tools – including real news – for building that understanding

  • Fact Watch fact-checking the statements made by politicians

  • News & Issues reports from credible news outlets

  • Civics 101 foundational documents and an interactive quiz

  • Get Involved resources for engagement on campus and in the community

Latest Articles

family talking with caseworker

Trump’s controversial “public charge” proposal that could change the face of legal immigration, explained

While President Trump’s attention, and the nation’s, has been on the US/Mexico border, his administration has been quietly chugging through the regulatory process with a proposal that would make it extremely difficult for many immigrants to come to the US or receive green cards if they’re deemed likely to use public benefits like food stamps or Medicaid.

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President Trump

Prosecutors Effectively Accuse Trump of Defrauding Voters. What Does It Mean?

The latest revelations by prosecutors investigating President Trump and his team draw a portrait of a candidate who personally directed an illegal scheme to manipulate the 2016 election and whose advisers had more contact with Russia than Mr. Trump has ever acknowledged.

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students with lunches

Trump Administration Rolls Back Obama-Era Rules for School Lunches

The United States Department of Agriculture announced its final plans to lower nutrition standards for grains, flavored milks and sodium in school cafeterias that were part of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 and that Michelle Obama, the former first lady, had advocated.

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Prince Mohammed bin Salman with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump

The Wooing of Jared Kushner: How the Saudis Got a Friend in the White House

The ties between President Trump's son-in-law and Prince Mohammed did not happen on their own. The prince and his advisers, eager to enlist American support for his hawkish policies in the region and for his own consolidation of power, cultivated the relationship with Mr. Kushner for more than two years.

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Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J

Two More Immigrants Say They Worked for Trump Despite Lacking Legal Status

The two women’s accounts came a day after a Guatemalan woman, Victorina Morales, told The New York Times that she has worked without legal status as a housekeeper at the club for the past five years.

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Oil pipeline worker in Alaska

In the Blink of an Eye, a Hunt for Oil Threatens Pristine Alaska

The rush to allow oil exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge has alarmed some government specialists and environmentalists. It comes as the Trump administration moves more broadly to exploit fossil fuels in Alaska and beyond, erasing restrictive policies that were designed to protect the environment and address global warming

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