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In Fall 2015 the "CAD" program will transform and be known as the Design and Manufacturing Technology Department "DMT"; encapsulating high end CAD design, CAM,  CNC & Manufacturing Technology.

CDI Program planning student worksheet


Excel version of planning worksheet


SME Chapter 98


SME Design and Manufacturing Group S364 @ De Anza college. Linked In Group

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DMT Dept. (formaly CDI) is part of Business/Computer Systems Division


SME Design and Manufacturing Club S364 @ De Anza college. Linked In Group

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 SME Design and Manufacturing Club S364 @ De Anza college


De Anza College Design and Manufacturing Group

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What is parametric, feature-based modeling?  - Wikipedia



Engineering Graphics and Design: With Graphical Analysis  

By Louis Gary Lamit



CDI CAD Program Counseling

   * Contact Gary Lamit for program counseling lamitgary@fhda.edu

  * Contact General Counseling for general education, and degree or certificate processing appointment 

408 864 5400


Parametric Design - Chapter 5 from: Engineering Graphics and Design by Gary Lamit


CAD computers ideas

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SolidWorks Student Edition Software

SolidWorks Educational Recourses

SolidWorks 1 Min. Tip

SolidWorks User Groups

Tutorial Videos + GoEngineer YouTube Videos

A good external SolidWorks Blog

SolidWorks certifications :

  • CSWPCertified SolidWorks Professional
  • CSWA Certified SolidWorks Associate



                   - Other Resources:  

The Best Technology Schools

Stanford University: Center for Professional Development

San Jose State - Packaging Degree

San Jose State - Industrial Design Degree

American Design Drafting Association "ADDA
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