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Software: Siemens NX 10 - CDI 58

NX CAD is no longer offered at De Anza College
We do have MCNC 78A:CAM Based CNC Multi-Axis Programing
Using Siemens NX 10
Alternately, you can direct individual students to purchase thier own Academic Gold membership


CDI 58 - NX (Beginning):



Text Book: NX 9 for Designers By: Sham Tickoo



Class outlines:

  • CDI 58 - Green sheets:



Siemens NX 9 Student Edition at JourneyEd.com

No more CAST: Now we have Siemens Learning Advantage Academic Gold Membership


Siemens NX 10




More CAD info. at CAD-Resources.com




What is New in NX 8 webcast


Events and Webinars


Siemens NX Q&A


NX 7.5 & CAST Student Edition FAQ


Siemens PLM Community info & Vedios


Siemens PLM on YouTube


Siemens CAM on YouTube


NX 10 Student Edition available first week in April 2015.


NX 9 Student Edition: student version of NX 9 is the only version you can get and is now 64-bit only.


NX 8.5 Student Edition purchasing and installing on Windows.pdf




If you have a Web Key Account - NX Student Edition forum



CDI 58 Book: 


NX 9 Book




NX 9 for Designers By: Sham Tickoo


Order Book at CADCIM Technologies



Other reference materials:


NX 7.5 & CAST Student Edition FAQ


Basic and Advanced NX 7.5 Modeling, Drafting and Assemblies  By: Stephen M. Samuel


Academic Resource Centerat-Siemens


NX CAST Training software available in class.


Learning Advantage Academic Gold Membership: formerly CAST Training


What is NX?





Ordering NX software from JourneyED demystified with Q & A



Other useful resources of interest.

SiemensNX.com forum

Ally PLM NX (Unigraphics) Videos

Siemens NX - Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

NXTutorials.com  - A free resource for all the students

Ivan's NX tutorials and Blog.

Academic Resource Centerat - Siemens

NX - Official website

NX 7.5 & CAST Student Edition FAQ

Siemens NX 7.5 Student Edition at JourneyEd.com 

CAD computers ideas  Dell  BOXX  Xi

Student Software - Foundation for California Community College

NX Job Opportunities

White papers on NX

Articles to Read about NX

SIEMENS related CAD software SolidEdgeFree download



Archived data from NX 3 class:
a. NX Tutorial-Lamit
b. Tutorial Base Support
c. Text:
Design Visionaries
d. CAST Tutorials: CAST Online Library 


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