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Fall 2014 Priority Enrollment for Students- By July 11th ,students must declare a major and select a goal of transfer, degree or certificate. Both tasks may ne completed through MyPortal.  Doing so will elevate your enrollment priority.

Child Development students completing for a Certificate Program are encourage to take the Math and English placement tests. Our certificates do not require English and Math so you would indeed be placed at a lower priority enrollment level. Be aware that courses necessary for the CDE Certificates would only be taken by those pursuing it, so it is likely you will get the classes you need.  For additional information visit a CDE faculty advisor.

ECE Transfer Degree has been approved by the State

Spring 2013 Student Survey Results - Read about the results of our survey.  Our Department is committed to continuous improvement.

Education Access and Success Program- Study and Report

Student orientations (schedule) are designed to provide you with information about our child development program, college services, and other resources.

CDE ON the MOVE!!! National Association for the Education of Young Children Early Childhood Associate Degree Accreditation - Child Development and Education Department Project

The Department has received its accreditation.



Community Service Learning: Please contact ICCE Cynthia Kaufman at (408) 864-8986(408) 864-8986 to earn more about volunteer opportunities connected with courses in various departments.

Child Development courses in Spanish and Chinese: In Spanish , they are offered Friday evening and Saturday morning at De Anza. Courses in Chinese are offered on Friday evening at De Anza.

Please check the Social Sciences and Humanities Division events page for a listing of events in other departments.


Chair: Nellie Vargas
Office: CD2-21E
Phone: 408.864.8788



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