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CCP FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

 Who can join the Cross-Cultural Partner Program (CCP)?

CCP is open to all De Anza students (both ESL and fluent speakers of English) who can commit to the program's requirements. The CCP Program pairs De Anza students for English conversation and cross-cultural communication. We usually pair 300 to 400 students per quarter. Some De Anza instructors give class credit to their students for completing CCP. You are welcome to join the program even if your instructor does not give class credit for participating.

Who is a good candidate for CCP participation?
  1. Fluent speakers of English who want to help an ESL student practice English conversation, learn about a different culture and share their American culture.
  2. ESL students who want to practice their English and are willing to share something about their culture with their partner.

Partners should be responsible, friendly, kind and patient.

How do I join CCP?

Join us during week two or three of the quarter by completing the online application on our website before the due date (see calendar). CCP takes place during three quarters (Fall, Winter and Spring).

How do students apply online for CCP?

Students will access the online application on the date we give in our Calendar. Here are some things to have ready before you complete this application:

  1. Your 8-digit SID (Student ID).
  2. We will ask if you are a current DASB card (student ID) holder.
  3. Your contact information (name, e-mail, phone numbers).
  4. Your student status (ESL or Non-ESL, volunteer)
  5. Your available times and days to meet with your partner.
  6. Your instructor's last name and course title with days and start times.
  7. You'll be asked if it is okay or not okay to meet with a partner of the opposite sex.
  8. Your gender and age range.
  9. Your interests (such as hobbies, sports or personality).
  10. You'll be asked to write a letter to your partner. The letter should be about a paragraph in length. It helps introduce you to your partner.
How do returning participants rejoin CCP?

For those of you who have joined CCP and have filled out an online application before: Go online to

  1. Click "login" under "Returning CCP Participants".
  2. For returning CCP participants, you should use your e-mail and password which you have created before to login.
  3. Now, you can update your personal information, availability schedule, class, and partner letter.
  4. If you want to change or update your personal information like email, password, phone, age, major, country, language or interests, please click "Edit Personal Info/Hobbies".
  5. If you want to update your availability schedule and class you are taking this quarter, please click "Edit Availability Schedule/Student Status".
  6. If you want to modify or write a new letter to your new partner, please click "Edit Partner Letter".
  7. Whenever you make any changes of your information, please make sure you hit "Edit/Save" at the bottom of the page.
Do I have to write a partner letter in my application?

Yes, the letter is very helpful in matching you and in giving your partner some information about you before you meet each other! Please write a friendly letter with some interesting details about yourself.

What if I need to change my contact information or schedule after I submit my application?

With your password, you can change this information before we lock the application. Applications are locked after a partner has been assigned. Once your application is locked, you will need to contact CCP to make changes.

What if I lose my password for my CCP on-line application?

If a password is lost, they need to contact CCP to have it reset with a temporary password. Then when they log back in with this temporary password, they'll have to update their password before accessing their Dashboard.

When is the due date to apply on-line?

Students will get about 10 days to apply from the start date (see Calendar). After this, the applications will be closed while we match partners. If we need more applications, we can reopen the system. There is a limit on the total number of partners we can match each quarter.

How will I find out that my application has been received?

If you can log on with your username and password, your application has been submitted. If you are still in doubt, go ahead and e-mail us ( )

Will I be sure to get a partner if I apply?

Matching partners depends on several factors: number of both fluent and ESL students, their available times to meet, their preferences and other background information. We can not guarantee to find a partner for you, but we usually do find a partner for those that apply within the application period.

How soon will I receive my partner information?

We usually notify partners by Week Five of the quarter. Our on-line system will send both you and your partner an e-mail telling you to log in and check your partner.

After I receive my partner information, what should I do?

Contact you partner right away via email, text, or phone after you get your partner information. Don't wait too long! Once you get your partner's contact info, call and/or e-mail him or her right away. We recommend that you call within 12 hours of receiving the email.

How do I meet my Partner the first time?

When you get your Partner info, you will have both a phone number and an e- mail to contact your partner. Have your calendar ready when you call, so you can arrange the first meeting. We recommend your first meeting to be on De Anza's campus. At our First Get-Together, we will give you many tips for your first meeting and having a successful partnership.

What is the First Get-together?

We usually have this during Week Five. It is an orientation to the program with many tips and strategies for having a successful partnership. Attendance is not required, so if you are not free, you can still participate in CCP. Check the calendar for the dates. This event is for all CCP Participants. You won't meet your partner at the First Get-Together unless you two have already made arrangements to meet at this time.

How will I recognize my Partner?

When you talk to you partner on the phone, describe yourself (hair color, height, build) and decide what you will be wearing at your first meeting. Think about wearing something colorful (i.e. a red cap or sweater) and/or otherwise distinctive (a tee shirt with a catchy phrase or design). Be creative and make this first meeting fun!

What can we talk about?

At the first meeting, you can bring pictures that will help you get acquainted better. You already know something from your partner's partner letter, so you can choose a topic mentioned in that introductory letter. Find out what you have in common with your partner. Check our website for some Suggested Conversation Topics and select a couple from this list to get you started. Partners are free to choose whatever they like.

How many times should we meet?

You signed up to meet a minimum of five times for a total of five hours during the quarter. We recommend that your meetings last for at least 45 minutes each time, but you can decide what works best for both of you. Meeting at least five times, over time, gives you a chance to get to know each other better. Meeting once a week is ideal. Partners are free to meet more than the minimum number of hours!

How do I report Meetings if I am getting credit (required or extra) from my instructor?

The on-line system lets you report meetings. Go to your Dashboard and click where it says Meeting Logs. Type in the topic, time, date and length of the meeting. Write a short description of the meeting. After you submit this information, an e-mail will be sent to your partner. He or she should verify that the information is correct. If your partner doesn't respond, the system will show the meeting as unverified. Note that the exact time you report your meeting is recorded by the system. You can got to this page - How to Submit Meeting Logs. You can also watch this video for a better explanation.

Some instructors have different requirements, so follow their instructions, too.

What if I want to change my Partner?

It is difficult to change your partner, so we hope you will be flexible and give your partner a chance. Often, the first meeting is awkward because you may be nervous about meeting a stranger. Most people are! Usually, the meetings get easier and better each time! However, if there is a problem, contact CCP in person or by e-mail ( ). We'll try to help you!

Who reads the Meeting Logs?

You and your partner will read your logs. Your instructor will also be able to read your logs. Some instructors may prefer that you print out your log at the end of the quarter.

What if my partner or I have to drop CCP?

If this happens, let us know right away. We try to rematch those who have lost partners.

What if I want to trade partners with one of my classmates?

Please don't switch partners on your own. You can come to our office and make your request.

What if I want two partners because I am required to do over 10 hours of Service Learning?

The new system will only give you one partner; however, the CCP staff can assign a second partner if you make the request. We just need to be sure that you will meet regularly with both partners before we give you a second one.

What does RSVP mean?

It stands for the French phrase, "repondez s'il vous plait," which means please let us know if you are coming. Invitations in English typically use this abbreviation.

What is the Final Get-together like and when do I RSVP (see previous question)?

It is a celebration of your partnerships with international food, testimonials and music! Wear your native dress if you can! Come with or without your partner! Please RSVP the week before. Check our calendar for the dates.

How do I get help from CCP?

At any time during the quarter, you can e-mail your questions to the CCP Coordinator or to CCP Helpers at You can also visit us in ATC 313, room 2 - we are open M-Th from 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM. CCP can usually contact you within 24 hours.

Cross Cultural Partners
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