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Pre-Participation Physical Information

      As part of athletic participation, all student-athletes must be medically cleared by the sports medicine staff PRIOR to ANY practice/conditioning/strengthening/game participation. This includes all Red-Shirts, Grey-Shirts, and students enrolled in the intercollegiate athletics courses. Below is important information that will help you fulfill the medical clearance process.

Sports Medicine Orientation
  • Potential student-athletes must attend a sports medicine orientation meeting.
  • Your coach will send you the date and time for your team orientation meeting.
    • Athletes who miss their date CANNOT attend another orientation date without prior arrangements from the athletic trainers.
  • Your coach will also send you the date of your physical.
    • Physicals are held on campus, by appointment ONLY, during the evening hours.
  • You will sign up for your physical date/time, with the sports medicine staff, at the orientation meeting.
What to bring to your orientation meeting?
  • A black, or blue, ball point pen.
  • College ID Number.
  • If you have insurance, bring your insurance card.
  • Emergency contact information (i.e name, address, and phone numbers).
Common Questions
  • Can I have a physical done with my own doctor?
    • Yes you can, however, your doctor MUST FILL OUT OUR MEDICAL FORMS. Forms can be picked up from the sports medicine staff. Additionally, those forms must be signed by a licensed MD. We do NOT accept physicals from Chiropractors, Nurse Practitioners, or Physician Assistants.
  • I recently had a physical, can my doctor just fill out the forms?
    • We accept physicals completed on, or after, August 1st of the current academic year. Again, we do NOT accept physicals from Chiropractors, Nurse Practitioners, or Physician Assistants. If your physicals was not completed by an MD, you will need a new physical done by an MD. Physicals MUST be completed on our forms.
  • How much does a physical cost?
    • Physicals are $15 Cash or Check only. Please make checks payable to De Anza College Prevention Trust.
  • When do I need to turn in my forms?
    • All medical forms must be turned into the sports medicine staff BEFORE any participation with your team. This includes practice, weightlifting, conditioning, etc.

Sports Medicine Building: PE
Contact: Shannon Bracy
Phone: 408.864.8746

Contact: Steven Williams
Phone: 408.864.5686


Last Updated: 5/30/17