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Fall letter from Coach Mark

Greetings from the De Anza Badminton Program!

I hope you are looking forward to the coming year and all of the challenges it will present.  At this time I wanted to start passing information to you regarding the program for the Fall.

The Badminton Techniques class  PE 32B (CRN 21873), has a primary function to serve as Fall training for the intercollegiate women’s team.  It is scheduled for Tuesday & Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.  Like our regular season training class, it will not always meet exactly as shown on the schedule. The expectation for all team members is that they are making 2 sessions a week.

This Fall we hope to use all 3 of our available scrimmage dates.  Our plans, pending confirmation from opponents, are to compete in the Fall Davis Open Women’s Doubles competition (probably the last Sunday of October), a scrimmage at CCSF on Friday, November 10th and the doubles competition at the Fall SJSU tournament tentatively on Sunday, Nov. 19th.

To compete in any of these non-traditional season competitions, you’ll need to have completed a physical for this academic year.  Our training room will be coordinating inexpensive ($15) physicals during the FIRST WEEK of the Fall Quarter.  On Tuesday evening, September 26th, (TBA) , the pre-physicals will occur in the training room at 7:00 PM.  This will involve some paperwork collection and the taking of vitals sign (Blood Pressure, pulse, etc.).  If you use an inhaler, you should bring a spare in to Shannon Bracy, our Head Trainer, or Steven Williams (our second trainer) at that time.  You should also bring in a PAPER COPY of your health insurance card (NOT AN APP DISPLAY ON YOUR PHONE).  On that Tuesday evening,  they will schedule the complete physicals that will occur in the evening on Thursday, September 28th. Remember that the Championship season (Feb-May) requires a physical, so you might as well complete it now!

First time De Anza Athletes need to complete the Orientation to Athletics, PE 99, a one unit class.  There will be one PE 99 session BEFORE FALL CLASSES START on September 18th- 21st between 9:30 AM and 2:30 PM in the afternoon (Summer session CRN #12392) .  If you haven’t taken this class, this is a great time because the later PE 99 offerings in December and January may conflict with your afternoon class schedules. And will meet longer (4-5 days).

The regular season schedule for 2018 is still in the works.  If you need a general idea, please look at the 2017 schedule, because most of it will be the same (Tue & Thu/Fri matches, SoCal trip at the end of March, etc.).

As many returners know, we run youth clinics on Saturdays to help fund the program.  The proceeds go to help with travel (the school/DASB pay for your meals and rooms and he program pays for some extras) and some of the apparel that you get to keep at the end of the year.  We’re going to ask everyone in the program to donate one Saturday (12-5 PM) this Fall to helping out.  You’ll find that is can be fun and make you think about your skills as well.  Radu, myself and the staff will help you get into the flow of the clinic on your day.

Participation with the youth clinics also typically helps with your eligibility for the De Anza Women's Badminton Leadership Scholarship.

If you have any questions about the coming year, please email me with them.

We’re very excited about the scope of the program, the interest shown so far and the potential this year can provide.  We look forward to seeing you on the first week of classes (make sure you get your physical arranged!).

See you in late September!


Coach Mark


Women's Badminton Building: PE-51A
Contact: Mark Landefeld
Phone: 408.864.8541

Last Updated: 8/10/17