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Placement Test Appointment Agreement

Please read the following advisements on placement test preparation and retest policies and agree to each condition by checking the box(es) for each section before making your placement test appointment(s) online.

NOTE: If you do not prepare, you are likely to score below what you expect.


  1. Select and Prepare for Your Test(s)

    I have read the test information and sample questions (listed under steps 3 and 4) on the Placement Test Checklist on De Anza's website to determine which tests to take and how much review and preparation I need. Note: There are four different math tests.

  2. Review Retest Policies

    I have read and understand the retest policies for the placement test(s) that I plan to take.


  • Eat a good meal before your test.
  • Arrive on time at the Assessment Testing Lab, RSS 146. If you have an appointment, enter the testing lab from outside the building on the parking lot side. Your seat may be assigned to another student if you arrive late.
  • Allow two to three hours to take your test(s). Do not park in 30-minute parking.
  • Bring a current valid photo I.D. (driver's license, passport, student ID card).
  • Bring two sharpened pencils with eraser.

  • I understand the 'DAY of TEST' list above and will be ready on test day.


Check each agreement box above and then click the Ready to Make My Appointment button. If you are not ready to make your appointment, please come back to access the system when you are ready to select your date(s).


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Last Updated: 9/21/16