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Prerequisites, Corequisites & Advisories

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Prerequisites, corequisites and advisories for a course are listed in the College Catalog. You will find the same information listed under Requisites in the Schedule of Classes.

Some classes at De Anza College have prerequisites, which are courses that must be successfully completed (C or better) before trying to enroll.

A "prerequisite," in most cases, is a prior course that has prepared a student for the level of work required. For clarification of all Requisite terms, see the definitions section.

If you did not complete the prerequisite at De Anza, you will need to show that you have satisfied the requirement. See General Clearance Rules for how to clear prerequisites based on your academic history and transcripts.

Starting April 20, 2015, prerequisites can only be cleared by courses which have been successfully completed, unless the courses are enrolled in at De Anza. 

How do I submit a prerequisite clearance request?

You may submit your prerequisite clearance documents two ways.

  1. E-mail the Prerequisite Clearance Request form and your unofficial transcript (if you plan to attend De Anza for only one quarter) to

    Be sure to include:

    • Your De Anza student ID number and
    • The class you want to take.

  2. In person: Place the Prerequisite Clearance Request form, your official or unofficial transcript (see first FAQ below) and course descriptions in the Prerequisite Clearance drop box outside the south entrance of the Registration & Student Services building. See map for location. Forms are not dropped off in Assessment Office. Make sure your name is on all documents.

    Submit your request at least 3-4 weeks before your date to register to allow enough time for review and response.

If you have any questions about prerequisites, please email or call the evaluator that falls under the student’s last name.

Letters Name Phone Email
A - C
Robert Tomalinas 408.864.8288
D - I Joseph Gilmore 408.864.8375
J - M
Jeff Dickard 408.864.5692
N - R
Jenn Lee 408.864.8651
S - V
Christa Steiner 408.864.8374
W - Z Veronica Aparicio 408.864.8256

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Should I submit an official or unofficial transcript?
Include an Official Transcript (in a sealed envelope) if you plan to attend De Anza for two quarters or more. You may submit an Unofficial Transcript if you plan to attend De Anza for only one quarter. The unofficial transcript rule usually applies for students who are attending another college but wish to take a course at De Anza during a quarter.

Q. Do I have to come in person, or can someone else clear my prerequisite?
Someone else can drop off your paperwork in the Prerequisite Clearance drop box.  

Q. How long does it take to clear a prerequisite?
If all the required paperwork is completed, it may take 3-4 weeks. Also the closer the request is made to the start of the new quarter, the longer the process takes.

Q. My course has an advisory but not a prerequisite. Do I still need to submit a clearance request form?
Advisories are courses which are recommended for success but not required to try to enroll. Consequently, you do not need to submit a Prerequisite Clearance Request form or transcript if a course only has an advisory.

Q.  My prerequisite course is from Foothill College.  Do I need to submit a clearance request form?
A. Yes! Complete prerequisite clearance form. No need to attach Foothill transcript.

Note: Request cannot be processed until the Foothill course grade is posted.

Q. I am currently enrolled in the prerequisite course at another college other than Foothill College and I will not get the grade until after my registration date. What can I do?
A. Submit your documents as soon as the grade is posted on your unofficial transcript.  You cannot clear a prerequisite without a final grade of C or higher.

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