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How will assessment help me?

Assessment will help determine your skill levels in English, Math, Chemistry or Biology. Placement information will assist you in selecting courses in which you are likely to succeed.  If you feel you have either a learning disability or physical disability which might adversely affect your test results, you should contact the Disability Support Services at 408.864.8753 before testing.

Who must be assessed?

Matriculation requires that all new students to college be assessed in English (or ESL) and Math. Students are exempt from placement testing and assessment if they have earned an Associate or Bachelor Degree (from US College or University) or have completed college course work in English and Math (college transcript proof required.)

All students must be assessed if they plan to:

  • Transfer;
  • Earn a degree or certificate;
  • Enroll in any English, ESL, or Math courses
  • Or are undecided about their educational goals.
Can I use my transcript from another college instead of testing?

Yes, for some courses. English courses below college level do not clear prerequisites for College Level English courses. However, you may submit transcripts from other US colleges for prerequisite clearance review in other areas. Courses to be used for prerequisites must be passed with C grade or higher. Grades C- or below cannot be used. To submit your transcript for review, download and fill out the Prerequisite Clearance Request form.  If you completed prerequisite courses at Foothill College you must fill out the Prerequisite Clearance Request form but no transcript is required.

Can I use my placement test scores from another college?

De Anza uses College Board "ACCUPLACER" English and Math Tests and California Chemistry Diagnostic Test.  You may submit scores from these tests for possible placement. Your college must confirm your scores to the Assessment Center at You cannot use scores from other placement tests. 

If you have taken "ACCUPLACER" tests for English or Math or the California Chemistry Diagnostic" test at Foothill College, you should contact De Anza Assessment Center prior to registration to qualify for placement at De Anza. ESL test scores from Foothill are not used for placement at De Anza.

Can I use my High School transcript to clear prerequisites instead of testing?  

High School English, Math, Chemistry, Biology, courses do not clear prerequisites but your GPA and course grades in  high school may be used as part of a multiple measure assessment along with your placement scores. High School foreign language courses may clear prerequisites for World Languages.

Can I use my College Board AP exams  to clear prerequisites instead of testing? 

Yes.  College Board AP exams with qualifying scores of 3 or higher for English, Chemistry and Calculus may be used to clear prerequisites. Download and fill out the Prerequisite Clearance Request form. 

Do I need an appointment to take a placement test?

Tests for English, ESL, Math, Biology 40A and Chemistry 1A/Biology 6A  are administered by appointment . Stand-by testing is available but seats may not be available. To see days and times for testing click on appointment link.

How can I review and prepare for placement testing?


Sample questions for each test are available.  You can access test information and sample questions by clicking on the options on left sidebar of this page. Sample questions are meant to give you an idea of the type of questions you may see on your test and to give you an idea of how much review you may need.

Will I need to pay a fee for testing?

No.  There are no fees for placement testing.  A De Anza Student ID number and current valid photo I.D. are required.

Which courses require assessment or proof of completed prerequisite courses?

Many courses require prerequisites course completion.  You can look up prerequisite course requirements in the schedule of classes  or course catalog. To submit proof of completed prerequisites follow directions on  Prerequisite Clearance Request form

Placement testing is available for English, ESL, Math, Chemistry and Biology.  Placement testing will not clear you to enroll in courses above 1st level college.

Students who completed prerequisite courses at Foothill or who are currently enrolled in the prerequisite courses at Foothill, should submit the  Prerequisite Clearance Request form. They do not need to attach transcript proof.

How do I retrieve my test results and placements?

You can access placement results online at  using your De Anza 8-digit Student ID number and password. Once you logon, click  "Registration" tab at top of page.  On right side of page you will see "My Records".  Click link "See my Placement Tests".

Results for ESL and English testing may take several weeks to be finalized. Results for Math, Chemistry and Biology may take 2 to 3 working days. If you are unable to access results you should come to the Assessment Office (RSS 144) with photo identification for assistance. Results from placement tests taken prior to June 2010 are not posted in My Portal.  Students who took placement tests prior to June 2010 should come to Assessment Office to check results.

Can I appeal my placement?

Placement testing and other assessment measurements are used to determine your placement.  Various options are available if you feel your abilities have not been accurately assessed. Please see Assessment Center staff for multiple measure placement information and appeal options.

What are the re-test policies?

For current retest policies click on link:  Retest Policies

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